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Q1 2021

Licensing Support Tickets
  • when you open a ticket you can now optionally determine whether the desired product should be regarded as an on-premises or SaaS product
  • you may also decide to choose both options. In such case, both will be researched and included into our database (if the software vendor offers both options)
  • you may now also attach and upload files to your tickets
  • 17 software vendors have been added
  • 164 product versions have been added
SKU Tracker
  • you have now access to more than 1 million stock keeping units which have been normalized be our team
Altova Authentic 2021 Desktop Enterprise
Altova Authentic Browser-Plugin 2021 Enterprise
Altova DatabaseSpy 2021 Enterprise
Altova DatabaseSpy 2021 Professional
Altova DiffDog 2021 Enterprise
Altova DiffDog 2021 Professional
Altova DiffDog Server 2021
Altova EBA XBRL Add-in for Excel 2021 Basic
Altova EBA XBRL Add-in for Excel 2021 Enterprise
Altova FlowForce Server 2021 Advanced
Altova FlowForce Server 2021
Altova MapForce 2021 Basic
Altova MapForce 2021 Enterprise
Altova MapForce 2021 Professional
Altova MapForce Server 2021 Advanced
Altova MapForce Server 2021
Altova MissionKit 2021 Enterprise
Altova MissionKit 2021 Professional
Altova MobileTogether Server 2021 Advanced
Altova MobileTogether Server 2021
Altova RaptorXML Server 2021
Altova RaptorXML+XBRL Server 2021
Altova SchemaAgent 2021
Altova Solvency II Add-in for Excel 2021 Basic
Altova Solvency II Add-in for Excel 2021 Enterprise
Altova StyleVision 2021 Basic
Altova StyleVision 2021 Enterprise
Altova StyleVision 2021 Professional
Altova StyleVision Server 2021
Altova UModel 2021 Basic
Altova UModel 2021 Enterprise
Altova UModel 2021 Professional
Altova WIP XBRL Add-in for Excel 2021
Altova XML Spy 2021 Enterprise
Altova XML Spy 2021 Professional
Amazon Corretto 11.x
Amazon Corretto 8.x
Anaplan Anaplan Basic
Anaplan Anaplan Enterprise
Anaplan Anaplan Professional
Apple macOS 10.13 High Sierra
Apple macOS 10.14 Mojave
Apple macOS 10.15 Catalina
Atlassian Jira Enterprise
Atlassian Jira Free
Atlassian Jira Premium
Atlassian Jira Standard
Beekeeper Beekeeper Business
Beekeeper Beekeeper Business Pro
Beekeeper Beekeeper Enterprise
Beekeeper Beekeeper Essential
Bill.com Bill.com Corporate
Bill.com Bill.com Enterprise
Bill.com Bill.com Essentials
Bill.com Bill.com Team
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio 16
Box Box Business
Box Box Business Plus
Box Box Enterprise
Box Box Starter
Canva Canva Enterprise
Canva Canva Free
Canva Canva Pro
Charles Lechasseur Path Copy Copy 18.x
Charles Lechasseur Path Copy Copy 19.x
Cisco WebEx Meetings Business
Cisco WebEx Meetings Enterprise
Cisco WebEx Meetings Free
Cisco WebEx Meetings Plus
Cisco WebEx Meetings Starter
Claris Filemaker 19 Professional
Contentful Contentful Community
Contentful Contentful Enterprise
Contentful Contentful Team
Dixa Dixa Platinum
Dixa Dixa Premium
Dixa Dixa Professional
DocuSign eSignature Business Pro
DocuSign eSignature Personal
DocuSign eSignature Standard
Dropbox Dropbox Professional
FeuerTrutz Network Brandschutzatlas
FreshBooks FreshBooks Lite
FreshBooks FreshBooks Plus
FreshBooks FreshBooks Premium
FreshBooks FreshBooks Select
Funnel Funnel Business
Funnel Funnel Enterprise
Funnel Funnel Professional
Funnel Funnel Standard
GoodData GoodData Enterprise
GoodData GoodData Free
GoodData GoodData Growth
Google Workspace Business Plus
Google Workspace Business Standard
Google Workspace Business Starter
Google Workspace Enterprise
Google Workspace Essentials
Help Scout Help Scout Basic
Help Scout Help Scout Company
Help Scout Help Scout Plus
Help Scout Help Scout Standard
HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise
HubSpot Marketing Hub Free
HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional
HubSpot Marketing Hub Starter
IBM Spectrum Scale 5.1 Data Management
IDM UltraEdit Studio 20.x
IDM UltraFinder 20.x
Inkscape Inkscape 1.x
JetBrains PyCharm 2019.3 Community
JetBrains PyCharm 2020.1 Community
JetBrains PyCharm 2020.2 Community
LogMeIn GoToMeeting Business
LogMeIn GoToMeeting Enterprise
LogMeIn GoToMeeting Professional
LogMeIn LastPass Enterprise
LogMeIn LastPass Identity
LogMeIn LastPass MFA
LogMeIn LastPass Teams
Lucid Software Lucidchart Enterprise
Lucid Software Lucidchart Free
Lucid Software Lucidchart Individual
Lucid Software Lucidchart Team
Marketo Marketo Engage Enterprise
Marketo Marketo Engage Prime
Marketo Marketo Engage Select
Marketo Marketo Engage Ultimate
Microsoft GitHub Free
Microsoft GitHub One
Microsoft GitHub Team
Microsoft R Open 4.x
Mindjet MindManager 13
Mindjet MindManager 21 Enterprise
Mindjet MindManager 21
Mindjet MindManager 2020 Business
Mindjet MindManager 2020 Enterprise
Mindjet MindManager 2020
Mindjet MindManager for Microsoft Teams
Nintex Promapp Enterprise
Nintex Promapp Standard
No Magic MagicDraw 19 Architect
No Magic MagicDraw 19 Enterprise
No Magic MagicDraw 19 Professional
No Magic MagicDraw 19 Standard
No Magic MagicDraw Reader 19
Node.js Foundation Node.js 15.x
OBS Project OBS Studio 26.x
ojdkbuild ojdkbuild OpenJDK 10.x
ojdkbuild ojdkbuild OpenJDK 11.x
ojdkbuild ojdkbuild OpenJDK 12.x
ojdkbuild ojdkbuild OpenJDK 13.x
ojdkbuild ojdkbuild OpenJDK 14.x
ojdkbuild ojdkbuild OpenJDK 8.x
ojdkbuild ojdkbuild OpenJDK JRE 11.x
ojdkbuild ojdkbuild OpenJDK JRE 13.x
Parallels Remote Application Server 17.x
PDF Tools 3-Heights PDF to PDF/A Converter 6.x API
Pidoco Pidoco Basic
Pidoco Pidoco Free
Pidoco Pidoco Pro
Pidoco Pidoco Unlimited
PortSwigger Burp Suite 2020 Community
PortSwigger Burp Suite 2020 Enterprise
PortSwigger Burp Suite 2020 Professional
Red Gate .NET Reflector 10.x Standard
Red Gate ANTS Memory Profiler 10.x
Red Gate ANTS Performance Profiler 10.x Pro
Red Gate ANTS Performance Profiler 10.x Standard
Red Gate SmartAssembly 7.x Developer
Red Gate SmartAssembly 7.x Pro
Red Gate SmartAssembly 7.x Standard
Red Gate SQL Backup Pro 10.x
Red Gate SQL Change Automation 4.x
Red Gate SQL Compare 14.x Pro
Red Gate SQL Compare 14.x Standard
Red Gate SQL Data Compare 14.x Pro
Red Gate SQL Data Compare 14.x Standard
Red Gate SQL Monitor 10.x
Red Gate SQL Scripts Manager 2.x
Red Gate SQL Search 3.x
Red Gate SQL Source Control 7.x
Red Gate SQL Test 4.x
Red Hat Satellite 6
Salesforce Sales Cloud Enterprise
Salesforce Sales Cloud Essentials
Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional
Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited
SAP Crystal Reports 2020
SAP Crystal Server 2020
ServiceNow IT Business Management Professional
ServiceNow IT Business Management Standard
ServiceNow IT Operations Management Enterprise
ServiceNow IT Operations Management Professional
ServiceNow IT Operations Management Standard
ServiceNow IT Service Management Professional
ServiceNow IT Service Management
Slack Technologies Slack Enterprise Grid
Slack Technologies Slack Free
Slack Technologies Slack Plus
Slack Technologies Slack Standard
Slido Slido Basic
Slido Slido Engage
Slido Slido Enterprise
Slido Slido Professional
Snowflake Snowflake Business Critical
Snowflake Snowflake Enterprise
Snowflake Snowflake Standard
SonarSource SonarQube 8.x Community
SonarSource SonarQube 8.x Data Center
SonarSource SonarQube 8.x Developer
SonarSource SonarQube 8.x Enterprise
Splunk Splunk Cloud
SquaredUp SquaredUp for Azure 4.x
SquaredUp SquaredUp for SCOM 4.x Enterprise
SquaredUp SquaredUp for SCOM 4.x Enterprise Application Monitoring
SquaredUp SquaredUp for SCOM 4.x Essentials
Stormboard Stormboard Educator
SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey Advantage
SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey Basic
SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey Enterprise
SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey Premier
SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey Standard
SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey Team Advantage
SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey Team Premier
Techsmith SnagIt 2021
Vaadin Vaadin 14 LTS Core
Vaadin Vaadin 14 LTS Enterprise
Vaadin Vaadin 14 LTS Plus
Vaadin Vaadin 14 LTS Prime
Vaadin Vaadin 14 LTS Pro
Veritas InfoScale Availability
Veritas InfoScale Enterprise
Veritas InfoScale Foundation
Veritas InfoScale Storage
WinZip Computing WinZip 25.x Enterprise
WinZip Computing WinZip 25.x Pro
WinZip Computing WinZip 25.x Standard
WinZip Computing WinZip 8.x Pro
WinZip Computing WinZip 8.x Standard
Xero Xero Early
Xero Xero Established
Xero Xero Growing
ZenDesk Support Elite
ZenDesk Support Enterprise
ZenDesk Support Essential
ZenDesk Support Professional
ZenDesk Support Team
Zoom Video Communications Zoom Meetings Basic
Zoom Video Communications Zoom Meetings Business
Zoom Video Communications Zoom Meetings Education
Zoom Video Communications Zoom Meetings Enterprise
Zoom Video Communications Zoom Meetings Pro